Household Hazardous Waste

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Is your garage or basement full of chemicals that you don't know what to do with? Well don't worry, there are environmentally friendly options for disposal or recycling in Clermont County.   Residents can call the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District to ask how to properly recycle and safely dispose of household items, such as motor oil, paint, pesticides, etc. 


For example, paint can be disposed of by your waste provider if you add kitty litter, paint dry, or floor dry to the paint to allow it to dry.  The cans of dried paint can then be set on  the curb with the lid removed for your waste hauler to collect. 

There are many local recycling options for motor oil and other automotive fluids; just click here or contact us and we can assist you in finding a location nearest you. 

We offer a voucher program for other materials that cannot be recycled locally,  such as pesticides or chemicals.  Simply call us with a list of your items and approximate quantities (in volume) and we can provide you with a voucher that will pay for disposal of those items at Environmental Enterprises. 

If you have any questions about proper disposal or recycling of any household items, including hazardous waste, tires or electronics, please visit either of these links: recycling search or recycling FAQs, or simply call us at 513-732-7894.  Never pour anything down the storm drain as they drain to nearby streams and aquifers where we get our drinking water.



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