Rain Garden Grants Now Available through Soil and Water District

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Rain Garden at Clermont County Fairgrounds

The Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors has announced that it will begin offering mini-grants to Clermont County homeowners to assist with the installation of rain gardens on home lots. Rain gardens are beautiful landscape features filled with native perennial plants, which attract wildlife. Rain gardens help control the volume and velocity of runoff and can help improve drainage around the home. They also help filter pollutants like sediment, oil and grease from driveways, lawn chemicals, etc.  This improves the health of local lakes and streams.

The District currently offers up to ten (10) mini-grants each calendar year of $100 each. Application forms are available by calling the District Office at 732-7075. The District also provides technical assistance and training workshops for homeowners who want to install rain gardens or rain barrels. Rain barrels collect and store runoff from roofs which can be used for watering gardens and lawns around the home.

To find out more information about rain gardens or rain barrels, call the Soil & Water Conservation District at 732-7075, or if you want to observe the District’s Rain Garden and Rain Barrel demonstrations, you can visit their offices at the Clermont County fairgrounds in Owensville anytime the Fairgrounds are open.

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